hanging herbs

“Save my herbs!”
Cold temperatures are fast approaching, so you need to start thinking about either bringing your herbs indoors or harvesting. If you plan on drying your herbs, here is an easy way to accomplish it:
  • Make sure to rinse them off and tap dry.
  • Then take some twine, hemp rope or equivalent and hang upside down to dry. (I am using my clothes dryer rack, placed in front of my kitchen slider. It will get plenty of warm sunshine here).
  • Once¬†completely¬†dry, they can be stored this way or crushed and placed in containers and added to your pantry.

If you’d like to continue growing them indoors through the winter months, you’re going to need a grow light and a warm place in your home to keep them (or a spot that receives some of the winter day/warmth sunshine). It is hard to do in western Colorado, but not impossible!

Good luck and happy harvesting! My kitchen smells wonderful right now with the herbs just hung.